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"I might run out of money before I die"

A conversation that Jim had with a friend sparked the passive wealth show and Jim's new purpose.

Jim was talking with a friend who was a self-made millionaire. He had done everything he was taught by the financial industry his whole life:

He worked hard, saved his money, and maxed out his 401K investments.

Now in his 70s, the economy shifted causing his net worth to go down 20%.

Since he's forced to take out money every year his savings are being depleted, and inflation going crazy put him in a place where he's not sure if he saved enough.

After Jim heard this, he reflected on his own life. He's 39 and could reposition his investment portfolio and retire within 6 months. It wouldn't matter if he lived to be 80 or 150 (come on medical advancements!)

Jim would be good because he's invested in real estate for over 15 years, and has a rental portfolio that generates passive income.

His calling is now to unlock this same blessing to others and help people turn their income into freedom.

Jim believes that everyone that's worked hard to figure out how to generate a high income should be able to live the retirement of their dreams with their income completely replaced with passive income from real estate.

Real estate is the best investment in the receive passive income from it, tax benefits, and its an asset that goes up in value over time!

On the other hand, an investment in a stock is merely a promise...a promise that one day when you sell it, someone else will want to buy it and that it will be worth something.

Why should you listen to Jim Manning?

He’s founded 5 successful real estate companies:


16 Years Of Proven Real Estate Service

3,500+ deals puts his team in the top 1% of all residential real estate companies on national level.

Successfully Invested in over $250+ million in properties