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Turn Money Into Freedom
with hands-off real estate

The Ugly Truth About Real Estate Investing​

To succeed as a real estate investor, you have to PROFESSIONALLY execute all of these things:

  • Find the Deal
  • Appraise Its Value
  • Inspect Repairs Needed
  • Accurately Estimate the Cost of Repairs
  • Negotiate the Deal
  • Fund the Deal
  • Manage Contractors, Title Company, and many other 3rd Parties
  • Market it to Find Tenants
  • Screen the tenants properly
  • Collect Rents
  • Keep Track of the Books

And so on...

If you invest in real estate the way 95% of people start out.. .there isn’t anything passive about it. In other words, investing into real estate is opening up another business. And even for those of us that have the skills, it’s unlikely that we have the time when our current professions are so demanding and lucrative.

Here's the Good News...

If you have money to invest, someone else can do all the work for you and make it 100% passive.

The passive income, the diversification, the financial freedom, the depreciation…all the amazing benefits of investing in real estate can be yours without all the additional work and headaches of a business startup.

The goal of this show is to equip you with the knowledge and resources that you need to make educated investment decisions regardless if you invest with one of Jim’s teams or someone else.

For example, did you know that you can take IRA money and invest it into real estate? 

Compound that investment until it’s time to retire and use it to completely replace your income from when you were working?

We’ll teach you how to build passive wealth through hands off real estate investing.  

Investing with teams like Doorway Properties (one of the real estate funds that Jim runs) creates the passive opportunity.  

We know that real estate investing can feel complex at times, but we’re here to demystify it for you — break it down into something that literally anyone with the money can do. 
You can not only invest into real estate at a high level, but you can achieve your financial goals, but you can achieve this all 100% passively without adding on another part time job that takes you away from your family and friends on the weekends.

Turn Your Income into Freedom with Hands-Off Real Estate Investing


More time to do things you love with less worry about retirement.


Achieve Actual Diversification For Your Wealth 

100% Passive Cashflow

Your Money Works For You, Not The Other Way Around

How Jim Got off the Hamster Wheel​

He made the courageous decision to shift his business from primarily house flipping to building long-term passive wealth.

The strategies they use now generated over $5 million in passive income in 2022 alone.  With over 15 years of experience, 3000+ real estate deals, and a dedicated all-star team, he’s here to help others figure out how they too can get of the hamster wheel.


Whether you are an entrepreneur who owns your own business, or a doctor, in corporate America, these strategies are now available to anyone with the money and the desire for a better life.  

No, you don’t have to be an investment banker, or an incredibly shrewd business person to be able to build your passive wealth.  A lot of it, believe it or not, is common sense. It just at times doesn’t feel that way.

I’m here to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to build 100% passive wealth 

Free Investment Courses

These courses are entirely free, and you can access the content at any time that suits you.


"We have taken advantage of the Private Lending Program many years now. During that time we have always received interest payments promptly upon the closing for a property. Recent improvements in streamlining the closing process and interim reporting has made the program even more attractive. The Private Lending Program has proven to be a good investment for us."
"I've had a working relationship with Jim and Ryan since 2015 and they are some of the nicest people you could ever do business with.. They are smart, honest and genuinely caring of the people they work with. I would recommend them to anyone Just all-around good people."
Linda B
"Jim and Ryan run an amazing company! Their leadership and morals in the real estate network go above and beyond."
Randall B
"Love this group of folks! Always helpful, community driven and very professional from start to finish. Would recommend them to anyone looking at real estate in St. Louis as they will make the process go smoothly."
Rebecca R
"I’ve known Jim Manning and his team now for 5+ years, and when I think of Jim, two things come to mind. Integrity and follow-through. I’m watched him grow massively during that time, both as a business person in the real estate space, as well as a human being. I’ve also watched him (and his team) close hundreds and hundreds of profitable real estate deals. I wouldn’t hesitate to learn from him in a heartbeat, and I do actually! He knows his stuff, and for any of you on the fence about whether or not you should consider working with him and/or learning what’s in that brain of his, jump over that fence and just do it. You’ll be glad you did!"
Shaun M