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Why Talking To Us Might Be the Most Important Decision for Your Financial Future:

Jim Manning, the visionary behind the Passive Wealth Show, is more than just a show host. He’s a reputable real estate fund manager who’s cracked the code and created many financially free passive real estate investors over the past 15+ years of real estate investing.

Through his two distinguished real estate funds, he offers you an unprecedented chance to turn your income into freedom with hands-off real estate investing.   No you don’t have to get your hands dirty, and can generate passive income at the same time!  

Brief Overview of Our Real Estate Funds:

  1. Passive Wealth Fund: A Private Lending Fund that capitalizes on the lucrative world of property lending.  We have 15 years of experience with this strategy on over $250M of properties invested.
  2. Doorway Properties: A Buy and Hold Lease Purchase Fund, offering a unique twist on traditional real estate investments that drives quality returns and lessons landlord responsibilities.  Our favorite way to generate quality, predictable returns from buying and holding real estate.

Over the last 15+ years, there’s been times when we’ve had room for more investors, and times when we had to freeze new investors coming in because we needed more deals!

We work with investors on a first come first serve basis.  Setup a call today to to reserve your spot for our opportunities!

Is your net worth over $1 million* OR do you make over $200K/yr?(Required)
*Excluding primary residence.

Why Talk to Our Team?

  1. Priority Access: In the world of real estate, opportunities are like rare gems — they’re coveted, and they’re limited. The truth? There’s an overwhelming amount of capital ready to be invested, but not enough high-quality deals to match. There have been times where we have secured $250K in a couple hours, but that sum can fund deals that took our team months to put together. By enrolling today, you don’t just get a place in line — you get a head start in the race for owning these exclusive opportunities. 
  1. Build the Relationship: The SEC mandates a familiarity between investors and fund managers. Talking to our team and reserving your spot is the first step in building that essential relationship.
  2. Stay Informed: Regular updates on the real estate market, insights from Jim Manning, and potential opportunities straight to your inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often do opportunities arise? Answer: While real estate is dynamic, we strive to identify and provide regular opportunities for our investors.

2. Are there any upfront fees associated with reserving a spot for opportunities? Answer: No, talking to our team and reserving a spot is completely free and without obligations.

3. How Does it Work? Answer: (see below)


Here’s How It Works:

  1. Intro Call: Discuss your goals and aspirations.
  2. Verification: Confirm you’re an accredited investor qualified for our opportunities (accredited means you make $200K or more as a individual, $300K as dual income with a spouse, OR have a net worth over $1M).
  3. Goals Discussion: Delve deeper into your passive income aspirations.
  4. Invest: Use your cash or IRA money to invest in real estate deals with our team so long as we have some available.  If none are available you can lock your place in line at that point.
  5. Relax: Our team handles everything, ensuring your investments turn into passive income and ultimately financial freedom.
  6. Experience True Passivity: Enjoy the rewards without the daily grind.

Is your net worth over $1 million* OR do you make over $200K/yr?(Required)
*Excluding primary residence.