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Passive Profits:

A Step-by-Step Guide to
Your First Real Estate Fund Investment

Imagine owning real estate assets and reaping the benefits without the headache of doing any of the work.

Discover how to successfully invest in real estate funds in a completely hands-off way.
You’ll learn how to get all the great benefits of real estate investing without having to be a landlord.

Course Overview


Why So Many Want Passive Income and So Few Succeed?
  • Why not having time or real estate skills doesn’t matter when investing passively…
  • Why get stuck and never pull the trigger on their first deal…and why that doesn’t have to be you!
  • Others will buy a deal or two, but they quickly find out that there’s nothing passive about being a landlord.  It’s another job!
  • Why is Generating Income from our investments so important?

This module introduces the course, and breaks down why this happens and how you can be in the 5% of investors that actually receive passive income from real estate investing!

Step 1

The 2 Core Strategies for Passive Real Estate Investing 
  • What are the two main strategies for people to invest passively in real estate with limited time and knowledge?
  • Why being a landlord doesn’t actually create passive income?
  • Pro’s and Cons of Real Estate Funds
  • Why 90%+ of investors that say they want to buy properties and generate passive income don’t start out doing it the right way.

Step 2

Clarity Around Where to Start 

We know you’re really busy.

There’s nothing more inefficient than doing something that should have never been done in the first place.

You’ll have more insight into whether you should invest by yourself or passively with a real estate team in a fund structure.

No Pressure...No Cost

This course is entirely free, and you can access the content at any time that suits you.

Join the ranks of successful people who are replacing their active income with passive real estate investing.

Step 3

Investment Risk

Get a cheat sheet with questions to ask yourself when assessing investment opportunities.

We dive deep into risks that you may not think about, such as key person risk, exit strategies and a whole lot more.

Step 4

Deciding The Money To Invest 

Now that you have clarity on assessing investment deals, the next step is figuring out where to pull your money from.

  • Invest with Cash?
  • Your IRA?
  • How much should you invest?

Step 5

Fund Terminology Basics

Investing in funds can be overwhelming at times because of all the different terms people use. Fortunately, there are only a handful of most important terms for you to familiarize yourself with if you are just starting out…

You learn the following terms:

  • General Partner
  • Limited Partner
  • Waterfalls Explained
  • Preferential Return
  • Private Placement Memorandum
  • Fund Administrator
  • Accredited Investor
  • Debt Investment Vs Equity Investment

Why Take our Passive Profits Course?

Unlock the Secrets: Gain insider knowledge from Jim Manning, a seasoned real estate veteran with over 15 years of experience.

Passive Income Mastery: Learn how to create steady streams of PASSIVE income, allowing you to turn your current income into freedom without doing any of the work!.

Proven Success: We’ve already done strategies we teach in this course for 15+ years on over $250M+ properties.

Who Should Dive In?

Successful professionals and business owners thriving in their fields but curious about replacing active income with passive wealth. 

The best part? You won’t need to do any of the work.