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Did you know that smoking was once considered healthy?  

What's that have to do with True Financial Wealth?

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In today’s episode, Jim Manning uncovers some commonly held beliefs about retirement and offers a fresh perspective on how to build true financial wealth. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Challenging Common Beliefs: Society once believed cigarette smoking was healthy. Similarly, many think the best retirement plan is investing into the stock market. Yes, that’s a strategy that has worked for many, but Jim Manning challenges this belief, drawing from his own success and experiences in the real estate world. 
  • Jim’s Story: With three multi-million-dollar real estate companies under his belt, Jim’s personal rental portfolio could have him retire comfortably in the next 12 months, irrespective of living till 80 or 150. 
  • Diversification is Key: It’s not about just diversifying within the stock market. True financial freedom comes when one’s investments aren’t solely dependent on stock market fluctuations. 
  • Redefining Retirement: Retirement isn’t about having a huge nest egg, it’s about having consistent cash flow. Jim poses a thought-provoking question: Would you rather have a $5 million volatile nest egg or $4 million with a consistent $20,000 monthly income? 
  • The Value of Real Assets: After a personal experience with Apple stocks, Jim realized the tangible value of real estate – an asset that provides shelter, one of the basic human needs. 
  • The Road Ahead: Curious about how to achieve such financial freedom? Stay tuned! Jim will be diving deep into his strategies in upcoming episodes.